During Anti-bullying week, the pupils learnt about the difference between bullying and conflict. The pupils discussed ways they can support someone who they think is being bullied as well as ways to stop it. They then designed posters to support their ideas and to help remind everybody help is always available.

The role of the police

Today we had our first visit from PC Pete. He came in to discuss the role of the police and keeping safe. Over the course of the year, we will be fortunate to have him visit 3 more times where he will discuss a range of topics including internet safety.

Falklands war

What do we know about the Falklands war?

The pupils have been looking at the geography and history of the Falklands Islands and the war there with Argentina. Pupils spent a few lessons gathering facts and finding information to make posters or booklets around the war. This knowledge has been added to our recent learning around the more recent wars in British history as we make our way upto modern warfare!

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